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Upgrade path: serving

Finally, we’ve arrived at the final segment of my “upgrade path” series, on all things “serving”.

Draft line cleaner

Currently I clean my draft lines by pushing cleaning solution from a keg (with CO2) through my draft lines. This is a bit wasteful of CO2, and is a bit of a hassle to add to my keg cleaning process. All that would be required for this is an aquarium pump, and a bit of hardware (MFL tailpieces for my sanke kegs which I actually already own, MFL connections for my beer lines, and a MFL connection for the aquarium pump). Total cost is probably less than $40. Clean beer lines are important…  and this would make the process of line cleaning a little more thorough and painless for me.

Collar seal

Another cheap upgrade I should plan on is adding a foam seal around my keg fridge collar. My keg fridge is a chest freezer with temperature control, a so called “keezer”. A “collar” replaces the lid of the chest freezer giving it extra height, and to allow for the mounting of taps. My keezer collar comes down several inches around the sides of the chest freezer, tightly, greatly limiting airflow to the refrigerated portion. Airflow into the keg fridge results in condensation and chest freezers are not set up with drains for this usually… so we find other ways of dealing with it (I wipe mine up with an old towel when I change kegs over). I get some condensation, not a lot, but it certainly could be reduced further with a cheap foam seal. I should really do this one soon, as the benefit is largely during these hot humid summer days (and we seem to be running out of them quickly).

Keg cleaner upgrades

I’ve described these thoroughly in a past post, but to recap, it involves the use of an air compressor to hasten my keg clean-in-place procedure. This could work for serving as well as fermenting kegs (if I do in fact continue to ferment in kegs).

In summary…

Again, I will probably carry out all of the changes/upgrades detailed here in the near future. I think I could take care of a number of the projects mentioned in my last few posts in an afternoon if I had everything on hand… perhaps the next long weekend. Thanks for reading this series of posts, and please feel free to comment if you have any further suggestions for me!


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