The ultimate keg fridge

As some followers of this blog know, I have a penchant for an obsession with shiny things. In the last year I’ve spent a lot of time on building my new brewery… and with this new brewery, I have a slightly larger brewing capacity. Each brew day typically leaves me with a full 50L keg of beer to share. These 50L kegs take up a lot of space however, and if I wanted to have more than two beers on tap at a time I was going to need to figure something else out.

I had been scouring the classifieds for a used True TDD-3, a commercial draft fridge with capacity to hold 3 1/2 bbl kegs+. Almost every restaurant and bar has one of these, so availability should be good. While there were many around, anything with a reasonable price was in very rough shape – the compressors were running on borrowed time, and I’d probably want to replace the draft systems. I came across this all-stainless TBB-3 locally, which is the same as the TDD-3 except it doesn’t have a draft system installed. With a good price, and only about 4 months of use, I went for it. Believe it or not, it fit in my van.




After a bit of clean up, it shines! Ready to have a draft system installed.




It took quite a bit of courage to take a hole saw to the stainless top. If bought new, the fridge is worth almost $4000! Thankfully everything went exactly to plan.




You know I’m setting this up keg fridge properly – including the regulator. This 4 way secondary regulator allows me to serve or carbonate my beers all at different pressures.




Complete! Two stainless Taprite towers, with Intertap faucets. All that is missing is a 24″ (or so) drip tray, maybe some crafty tap handles… Other than that, I can get back to enjoying the beer I’ve been brewing.


Update: and now full of beer, and with a drip tray!


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