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A look back

I decided to pick up the hobby of homebrewing back in 2010. I researched various homebrewing methods for a couple months on homebrewtalk, then (with the help of my father) built a brewery and started to make beer that winter. In Canada, back in 2010 the homebrew equipment market wasn’t anything like it is today.

Chronical critique

After spending some time setting up my new 14 gallon “Chronical” fermentor, I have come up with a bit of a critical analysis of the design for anyone who may be considering buying one. While reading this, keep in mind I haven’t brewed with it yet!


I excitedly received my “14 gallon Chronical” fermentor from SS Brew Tech today (via Ontario Beer Kegs). I quickly assembled it with some upgraded butterfly valves and took some pictures…

Upgrade path: fermentation

As you can probably tell, my enjoyment from beer making comes just as much as (if not more) about perfection of my production process as it does refinement of my recipes. My system is capable of making great beer as is, so it is mostly through my pursuit of [what I would consider] process perfection that I present to you part two of…

Upgrade path: mashing

The changes I want to make to my brewing process are numerous, and the items of this list have varying levels of implementation difficulty, impact, and cost. If you thought I was a gear head before, wait until you’ve read what I’ve been mulling over for brewery upgrades… The nitpicking I perform below is a combination of a wish list and…

Brewery control panel revision 3

Today when I got home from my day at the University of Guelph as a PhD student, I was excited to see that the final piece required to complete the third revision of my control panel had arrived. I had been missing a 40a SSR (used for element control) due to a mix up in a parts order.

Sanke CIP attempt number 3

I finally came into some more kegs for serving my beer (woohoo!). I noted in my previous clean in place themed post, that while my keg cleaning method seemed to work well, it wasn’t very efficient when just doing one or two kegs. I had six to clean on the weekend.