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Review of OBK’s “grain defender” false bottom

During the craziness of the holiday shopping season, one of my favourite homebrew equipment and ingredient suppliers, Ontario Beer Kegs put their false bottoms on sale… I’d been eyeing up one for awhile and couldn’t resist ordering one even though it wasn’t officially designed to fit my mash tun.

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A look back

I decided to pick up the hobby of homebrewing back in 2010. I researched various homebrewing methods for a couple months on homebrewtalk, then (with the help of my father) built a brewery and started to make beer that winter. In Canada, back in 2010 the homebrew equipment market wasn’t anything like it is today.

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I excitedly received my “14 gallon Chronical” fermentor from SS Brew Tech today (via Ontario Beer Kegs). I quickly assembled it with some upgraded butterfly valves and took some pictures…


Upgrade path: fermentation

As you can probably tell, my enjoyment from beer making comes just as much as (if not more) about perfection of my production process as it does refinement of my recipes. My system is capable of making great beer as is, so it is mostly through my pursuit of [what I would consider] process perfection that I present to you part two of my series on where I plan on taking my beer making process in the coming months.

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Upgrade path: mashing

The changes I want to make to my brewing process are numerous, and the items of this list have varying levels of implementation difficulty, impact, and cost. If you thought I was a gear head before, wait until you’ve read what I’ve been mulling over for brewery upgrades… The nitpicking I perform below is a combination of a wish list and a to do list… Initially this started as a single short post, but naturally it developed into a three part series on where I plan on taking my process and equipment in the near future.