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European lager review

This is review 2 of 3 of the beers that I brewed for my friends’ wedding. This beer is a refinement of the lager I had blogged earlier about here. This beer saw pretty well all the adjustments mentioned in that post, then I went ahead and brewed 100L of it!

Wedding beer prototype #1: European lager

I haven’t posted a beer recipe/review in a while! Here’s one for a European style lager that I’ve been working on. The beer fits best in BJCP Category 5C German helles exportbier (not that I’m overly concerned with that). This is a prototype for a beer that I intend to brew 100L of for the wedding of two dear friends. The goal…

5 reasons to brew helles

Munich helles is a low ABV, low IBU, low SRM German lager with delicate flavours and a sparkling appearance. I think it’s a decent style to drink, and an even better style to brew. In case you needed a reason to brew yourself some helles, here’s 5: