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Upgrade path: fermentation

As you can probably tell, my enjoyment from beer making comes just as much as (if not more) about perfection of my production process as it does refinement of my recipes. My system is capable of making great beer as is, so it is mostly through my pursuit of [what I would consider] process perfection that I present to you part two of…

Sanke CIP attempt number 3

I finally came into some more kegs for serving my beer (woohoo!). I noted in my previous clean in place themed post, that while my keg cleaning method seemed to work well, it wasn’t very efficient when just doing one or two kegs. I had six to clean on the weekend.

Sanke keg CIP attempt number 2

When I initially designed my brewery, I did so with keg cleaning in mind. The C-HERMS (Counterflow – HERMS) brewery design was partially motivated by an opportunity to purpose the dual pumps for sanke keg clean-in-place. This ended up being a complete failure.