DS18B20 temperature probes

DS18B20 sensors are an excellent value temperature sensor with fractional degree accuracy. They are the most popular sensors used with electric brewery controllers powered by StrangeBrew Elsinore. In addition to their accuracy and affordability, they can be daisy chained to work off of a single GPIO through the 1wire protocol on Beaglebone Black, Raspberry Pi and other devices. They are also conveniently identified with a unique 64bit address.

There are several options when it comes to which DS18B20-based probe to use:

  • You may choose to create your own probes by purchasing thermowells (such as these from Brewer’s Hardware) and installing your own sensors in them.
  • Much simpler and cheaper, you can choose basic waterproofed sensors from amazon or ebay.
  • The folks over at BrewPi have recently developed these NPT DS18B20-based probes, if an NPT connection is of high importance to you
  • Lastly, DS18B20 “tank sensors” are a popular choice (such as these), and come with simple hardware for weld-less installation in the wall of your brewing vessels



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