StrangeBrew Elsinore FAQ: So you’ve found a bug

How do you properly report a bug in StrangeBrew Elsinore?

Describe and identify: Describe what you were trying to do when the bug occurred. Try to identify which specific action triggered the issue. Check with the community of StrangeBrew Elsinore users to see if you are unique in experiencing this issue to ensure it is not the result of user error (try posting in /r/StrangeBrew). Also try to identify which commit the bug was introduced in (i.e. try to recreate the issue in other versions of StrangeBrew Elsinore using git checkout).

Supporting documentation: If any of the following contain useful information, include them in your bug report: server messages (you may want to run in debug mode to get more details), web ui notifications, elsinore.log entries, text from the getstatus page, and if the bug is UI related, screenshots, your web browser, and your browser’s error console should be included. Feel free to ask me if you need help with any of these. When in doubt, include more information rather than less.

Patience and respect: StrangeBrew Elsinore software is free, open source software. It is not monetized in anyway for the developer and does not come with any guarantee of developer support. You are encouraged to fork the project on github, work on bugs and features yourself, and submit quality pull requests. If a bug is critical for your use of StrangeBrew Elsinore you may wish to revert to the most recent working version using git checkout.

Reporting the bug: The easiest way to report and track bugs is through the issues feature on the StrangeBrew Elsinore github page.





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