I excitedly received my “14 gallon Chronical” fermentor from SS Brew Tech today (via Ontario Beer Kegs). I quickly assembled it with some upgraded butterfly valves and took some pictures… I think it will do just fine!

I still hope to get a rotating spray ball for the thing, and I still need to make a platform for it in my fermentation chamber… that will all be taken care of shortly. My initial impressions are that it’s a bit smaller, but also better built that I had expected. The stainless steel feels substantial, and the welds look great. The levelling legs are nice too. It all feels very sturdy, and handles the additional weight of the heavy butterfly valves without problem. I do believe however that these butterfly valves were overkill, and I should also mention that they are a bit large to place together between the same legs (at least if you intend to rotate a racking arm). Since I have tri clamps everywhere else on the fermentor, I wish the thermowell was the same. I probably would’ve went with BrüGear’s very similar but all tri clamp “pro fermentor” for this reason but they never got back to me with a shipping quote to Canada! Oh well.

I very much look forward to brewing with a conical..! Here’s some pictures:










By the way, for anyone who may be interested, here’s a link to a google sheet I made that (quite thoroughly) compares most of the commercially available homebrewing conical fermentors in North America.

4 responses for Shiny

  1. Chris says:

    My mom always taught me not to be envious of what other people have, but damn, I am extremely jealous of your equipment.

    • Justin says:

      Homebrewing has been a great motivator for me to pick up side jobs and such… because all the equipment I want is so damn expensive!

  2. Brian says:

    Looks awesome! How are you going to handle temperature control?

    • Justin says:

      I have a large “all fridge” with heating/cooling controlled from my brewery control panel (I also control my keezer temp in the same way). Currently I ferment in 15 gallon sanke kegs with a temperature probe taped to the side. Works well… but I really wanted a conical :)

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