Saison vibes

I’m interrupting the barrage of brewery build posts to bring you a bit of a reflection on a saison I recently brewed. I had some Sorachi Ace hops in the freezer from last summer’s saison, and I had been meaning to brew a saison with the Saison Dupont yeast. I had also been meaning to do a saison with oats. All of these would serve as parameters to this saison recipe. As evidence by how quickly the kegs kicked, this beer was quite nice. It was the last beer brewed on my old system, and it was supposed to hold me and my guests over until I was back brewing. It didn’t stand a chance!

In addition to the above brewing parameters, I had this amazing saison by Le Trou du Diable called Saison du Tracteur while I was planning the beer. Saison du Tracteur is a hop forward beer, and also has this really great yeast character, perfect balance. Juicy, spicy, pineapple, and passionfruit. Great inspiration. As a result I decided to hop with Galaxy along with the Sorachi Ace. Annnnnd I like to bitter my Belgians with Styrian Goldings. So put all those things on top of a classic saison grain bill with pilsner and wheat malts and you’ve got this beer.

I wasn’t sure if a Galaxy/Sorachi Ace hop combination would work well. Both hops are so bold and unique. Nonetheless I used them heavily. I double dry hopped with 3-4oz of hops each go, equal-ish parts Sorachi Ace and Galaxy (in a 10 gallon batch).

This was a good beer. The hop combination wasn’t superb, the Sorachi Ace kind of took over… and I’m a person who tastes a lot of dill with Sorachi Ace. While this was not exactly what I was hoping for, I don’t know what I expected. There was still some nice lemon rind character and tropical-lyness in there – and perhaps these were more pronounced to those that are less sensitive to the dill character.

Hops aside, the beer had a nice soft mouthfeel. I did feel I could’ve gotten away with even more oats in it though. I may try 10% malted oats rather than 5% flaked oats in the next one. The yeast character was great, and think I can definitively say I prefer the Saison Dupont strain over the French Saison strain, even with it being purportedly super tempramental. I oxygenate my wort, I control fermentation temperature, I use proper pitching rates, and I much prefer a 5 or 6% ABV saison to a 6 or 7% ABV one… so I don’t think it should give me much problem if I continue to use it in the future.

Recipe below. Sorry to all those I meant to have taste this and didn’t come over quick enough! I’ll have fresh beer for you soon.




Recipe Details

Batch SizeBoil TimeIBUSRMEst. OGEst. FGABV
43.5 L60 min32.2 IBUs4.3 SRM1.0531.0095.9 %


Pilsner (2 Row) Ger6.35 kg70
Munich I (Weyermann)1.361 kg15
Wheat Malt, Pale (Weyermann)907.2 g10
Oats, Flaked453.6 g5


NameAmountTimeUseFormAlpha %
Styrian Goldings85 g60 minBoilPellet3
Galaxy56.7 g5 minBoilPellet14
Sorachi Ace56.7 g5 minBoilPellet12
Galaxy42.5 g4 daysDry HopPellet14
Sorachi Ace42.5 g4 daysDry HopPellet12
Galaxy42.5 g2 daysDry HopPellet14
Sorachi Ace42.5 g2 daysDry HopPellet12


Whirlfloc Tablet2.00 Items15 minBoilFining


Belgian Saison (3724)Wyeast Labs78%21.11°C - 35°C


Mash In65°C60 min


Primary4 days20°C
Secondary3 days26.67°C
Aging7 days0°C


pitch 550 billion cells (3.5 L starter)


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