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Review of Omega 7011-PHH

A brief review of Omega’s 7011-PHH pH meter has been sitting in my drafts folder for months now. I’ve been seriously impressed with this product, and do not hesitate in recommending it to anyone looking for a pH meter for brewing. Prior to owning the 7011-PHH I relied purely on Bru’n water to estimate my mash acid additions, I was finally convinced to invest in a pH meter after a long brew day had resulted in an astringent beer.

Here’s a quick list of the reasons I love this product:

  • Fully waterproof design
  • Comes with case, batteries, and buffer solutions for calibration
  • Calibration procedure is easy and fast
  • Instructions simple and clear
  • Better accuracy than others in it’s price range, such as products from Hanna or Milwaukee
  • Replaceable electrode
  • Wide automatic temperature correction (0-80 degrees Celsius)
  • Readily available in Canada (direct from Omega)

Not too much more to say about this thing. It’s a pH meter, works great, and after several brew days I have a hard time imagining any other pH meter providing better value.

Currently on this pH meter is 105 CAD while 99 USD on, so if you’re looking for a pH meter in Canada, it’d best to get one before Omega adjusted it prices for our weak dollar.


pH matters!

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  1. How did you find the actual pH measurements compared to Bru’n Water’s estimates? Were they pretty far off?

    • Justin

      Very very close. I should collect data on this, but I think a lot of brewers would do quite well just with Bru’n water with decent water quality information. My strategy (when I’m smart enough to estimate acid additions with Bru’n water unlike the brew day when you came over) is to add ~75% of the estimated acid additions and recheck. Then add ~5-10% and recheck until I hit my target. I seem to end up putting almost exactly what is estimated, perhaps +/- 1ml (this is what I should be collecting data on). I’m thinking you could probably get within 0.2 of the target pH using Bru’n water alone.

      • Brian

        The hang-up there is that a lot of brewers still don’t know their water composition going in. I know I never sent off for an analysis anyway. Now that I’m in a new house I’m going to do one every 6 months. But pH control is a high priority if you want to improve brewing quality and consistency, so a meter is a great way to go. Bru’n is sweet, but hard to learn if you are guessing at variables to begin with. Using both is probably the way to go.

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