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PID tuning method for electric breweries

Proper specification of PID controller settings ensure that target temperatures are met quickly but not overshot, and cycling of temperature, or more formally, the process variable, is minimized. In an electric brewery, PID settings will be system specific, and will be especially determined by element wattage, liquid volumes, recirculation speed, and other environmental variables.


Strangebrew Elsinore vs. traditional brewery controllers

When most homebrewers consider building an electric brewery they initially think of the thousands of control panels which have now been inspired by Kal’s The Electric Brewery. Kal’s detailed walkthrough on the process of building an electric brewery hugely increased the accessibility of this type of brewery design, which was previously only approached by those with backgrounds in electrical engineering.

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StrangeBrew Elsinore FAQ: utilizing mash profiles

What are mash profiles and how do you utilize them in StrangeBrew Elsinore?

Mash profiles prescribe the temperature of your mash during the brewing process. In many cases, mashes have multiple temperature steps in order to activate and deactivate key enzymes. The most basic mash is a single temperature for the entire duration of the mashing process. A simple modification of this that can potentially raise mash efficiency is the use of a mashout step in which the temperature is raised at the end of the mashing procedure to stop enzyme activity and increase mash fluidity. Additional mash steps may be used when a grain bill consists of under-modified malts or in the pursuit of wort with very high fermentability.

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