Introduction to StrangeBrew Elsinore Server

Over the last two years, DougEdey has developed an open source brewery controller known as StrangeBrew Elsinore Server. This software runs on Raspberry Pi or Beaglebone Black, and in the most basic sense is a replacement for traditional PID controllers and physical switches, but is capable of much more. Once setup, StrangeBrew Elsinore is accessible through a web interface on your phone, tablet, networked computer, or directly through the hardware it is being run on (in the case using a display with your Raspberry Pi or Beaglebone Black). StrangeBrew Elsinore is able to control relays through general purpose inputs/outputs (GPIOs), which in turn can control high wattage electric heating elements, brewery pumps, and other brewery peripherals. This control can be manual, PID, or hysteresis-based, and can also be defined within a more general automated procedure in StrangeBrew Elsinore. StrangeBrew Elsinore Server uses 1wire DS18B20 temperature probes, which are advantageous in their low price and their extensibility – high amounts of them can be daisy chained on a single GPIO.  Additionally StrangeBrew Elsinore allows for data recording and visualization through its web interface.


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