Hazy brother: a Trappist single

I’ve never brewed or even drank a Trappist single before. From what I understand about this beer style, it is not typically available for sale, and certainly not export. Rather, the Trappist single is a beer that is produced for the sole purpose of quenching the thirst of monks during their studies of life, the universe, and everything. The definition of the style is less about about the actual physical characteristics of the beer, and more about the purpose of the beer… These beers are refreshing lower ABV ales, produced with the house yeast at abbeys. I study statistics with intensity; I thirst at times… perhaps this beer could work for me too? I used a Belgian yeast isolated and cultured by Escarpment Labs for my rendition. 2 of the 3 founders of Escarpment Labs are University of Guelph graduate program alum, so this seemed about right. You’ll notice when you scroll down to the recipe that in a lot of ways, this beer is like a traditional Pilsner, but fermented with a Belgian ale yeast. Yeast is a big deal, of course.

Tasting notes, here we are: this beer, which I think I’ll call “hazy brother”, has a pleasantly spicy, almost prickly bitterness from the Styrian Goldings hops (one of my favourites). This is accentuated by a slight pepperiness from the yeast, and high level of carbonation. The beer is gold in hue and hazy with a bright white head consisting of very fine bubbles, leaving thin lacing along the sides of the glass. As the beer warms, it opens up with notes of banana, bubblegum and perhaps a touch of fusel alcohol. I quite like it! Recipe below!




Recipe Details

Batch SizeBoil TimeIBUSRMEst. OGEst. FGABV
43.5 L60 min31.6 IBUs4.0 SRM1.0511.0105.4 %


Pilsner (Weyermann)6.804 kg78.95
Munich I (Weyermann)1.361 kg15.79
Carafoam453.6 g5.26


NameAmountTimeUseFormAlpha %
Styrian Goldings113.4 g60 minBoilPellet4.4
Styrian Goldings28.3 g5 minBoilPellet5.4


Whirlfloc Tablet2.00 Items15 minBoilFining


Abbey IV Ale Yeast (WLP540)White Labs78%18.89°C - 22.22°C


Mash In66.11°C60 min


Primary7 days20°C
Secondary4 days7.78°C
Aging7 days0°C


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