Custom brewing sheets in beersmith

Beersmith is probably the most popular software for homebrewers. Personally, I’ve been using Beersmith for around 5 years now, and in that time I’ve often found the need to do things outside of the program. For instance, I highly prefer Homebrewdad’s yeast starter calculator to the one included in Beersmith. And Beersmith has nothing on the features of Bru’n water for water chemistry. I also have found that I need to supplement Beersmith recipe printouts with my own brewing process checklist. While Beersmith has a general “Brew Steps” report format, it just wasn’t specific enough to be useful to me. I found out that it was pretty easy to modify however, as it is just basic HTML/XML with an accompanying CSS file (which I left alone). After I fixed the indenting on the code, I added and removed brewday check list items using the supported XML tags, and added it to Beersmith. Proudly, I no longer need to supplement my recipe printouts! Feel free to check out mine below in an example recipe printout. I’ve also included the HTML file incase you find it easier to modify mine than the one included in Beersmith. The brew sheet also offers a detailed look into my brewing process for those who are curious!

Example recipe printout (PDF)

Custom brewing sheet HTML file


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