Cloning an IIPA I’ve never tasted

Stone ruination, an IIPA that rates incredibly well, and has an abundance of information on cloning. A beer, that unfortunately, is not available in Ontario, and that I haven’t actually tried. Despite this, when planning on making an over-the-top hoppy ale for brew number 3, I figured this beer would be a perfect model. I can’t really say how close my beer got to the real thing because I haven’t tried it. Though I suspect I was far off in one aspect – aroma. My current set up is sub-optimal for dry hopping… so I just don’t do it. I try to make up for it with late boil additions, but it is not the same… and a lot of those aromas end up being lost when you have a vigorous fermentation (such as in this case when using a large starter on a beer nearing 1.080 OG). Despite this, the beer is quite decent, and I assume it tastes like Stone Ruination that has sat on the shelf for a couple weeks and lost some hop character in the nose. I won’t mention many particulars about this beer, but the head on it is straight-up meringue-like. Maybe I should be toning back the carafoam a bit? Anyways, I will brew this beer again next year, and I trust by then I have figured out a way to get the hop aroma into it… perhaps through the use of a randall when transferring to serving kegs.




Recipe Details

Batch SizeBoil TimeIBUSRMEst. OGEst. FGABV
43.5 L60 min90.3 IBUs8.0 SRM1.0771.0108.8 %


Pale Malt (2 Row) US11.793 kg86.67
Carafoam907.2 g6.67
Caramel/Crystal Malt - 40L907.2 g6.67


NameAmountTimeUseFormAlpha %
Columbus (Tomahawk)56.7 g60 minFirst WortPellet16.7
Centennial56.7 g30 minBoilPellet10.9
Centennial85 g10 minBoilPellet10.9
Centennial85 g0 minBoilPellet10.9


Whirlfloc Tablet2.00 Items15 minBoilFining


San Diego Super Yeast (WLP090)White Labs80%18.33°C - 20°C


Mash In64.44°C75 min
Mash Out75.56°C10 min


Primary14 days19.44°C
Aging30 days18.33°C

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