Brewing schedule 2016

I’ve had a busy couple months. Specifically I’ve been occupied with preparations for my PhD qualifying exam. Last week I passed! Now that it is out of the way, and I’ve gotten some rest, I’m glad to report that I’m back in a place where I can envision the odd weekend brewing rather than working.

As my local homebrew club prepares for our annual malt bulk buy, I’ve been trying to nail down an approximate brewing schedule. This year I aim to brew beers back to back utilizing the same yeast strain as often as possible. I’ll harvest and reuse yeast from the first of the paired fermentations for the second from my conical fermentor. The first beer will have a lower gravity than the second, and should be ideal environment for healthy yeast growth.

Unfortunately I’m limited in fermentors, kegs, consumption ability, and time. Being realistic I don’t expect to be able to brew more than 12 beers in the next year. This makes my scheduling decisions difficult. I feel there are just as many “essential brews”, but at the same time there are so many styles I have yet to explore. With those considerations, I tried to strike a balance between repeating/refining favourites and trying to brew something slightly new.

This year I’m excited to try some new yeast strains, especially from Guelph’s Escarpment Labs. I’ll also be looking to explore new hop combinations for the various hop-centric beers planned. Here’s the schedule – what do you think?


Escarpment Labs: Cali Ale yeast

  • American pale ale
  • American brown ale

Escarpment Labs: St. Remy yeast

  • Trappist single
  • Trappist double

White Labs: Belgian Saison I yeast (565)

  • Saison

The Yeast Bay: Vermont Ale yeast

  • Northeastern style IPA

WYEAST: Weihenstephan Weizen yeast (3068)

  • Hefeweizen

WYEAST: Munich Lager yeast (2308)

  • Helles
  • Schwarzbier

WYEAST: London ESB Ale yeast (1968)

  • Mild
  • Extra special bitter

White Labs: Bastogne Belgian Ale yeast (510) + Brettanomyces Bruxellensis (650)

  • Orval clone



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