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She sells schwarzbier by the sea shore

In this post I will present a short review of the second beer brewed on my new system. This beer was brewed in December 2014, and fermented happily in my garage without any sort of temperature control for about a month. I was extremely happy with the final product despite still tinkering with my system at the time it was brewed. The beer as the post title gives away was a schwarzbier – a style which we don’t have many commercial examples available in Ontario, but I enjoy very much. I fully expect this beer to be brewed regularly in future winters. Maybe at the time of it’s second brewing I will give it a proper name (maybe that’ll be a rule for me).

Anyways, for the review of this beer. Appearance is as shown below. Persistent head, excellent lacing, deep brown at 28 SRM. You could tell when drinking this beer that it had cleared well, which I enjoyed visually. Just on the cusp of opaqueness – you know?




This beer was designed to be quite dry, and to drink it was very quenching with a smooth mouthfeel. No complaints on drinking several in a row. The taste was predominantly “roastedness”, and reminiscent of cola and high cocoa content dark chocolate. Aroma-wise, the first thing I notice is faint anise, in combination with floral and roasted notes, and what can only be described as “fresh” smelling (equivalent of fresh laundry in a beer).

Here’s the recipe for an 11.5 gallon batch. I’m currently brewing this size since my fermentor loss is pretty high with my current set up. Adjust as necessary:

Recipe Details

Batch SizeBoil TimeIBUSRMEst. OGEst. FGABV
43.5 L60 min25.7 IBUs22.9 SRM1.0501.0105.2 %


Munich Malt3.175 kg35.9
Pilsner (2 Row) Ger3.175 kg35.9
Carafoam907.2 g10.26
Caramunich Malt907.2 g10.26
Caramel/Crystal Malt -120L226.8 g2.56
Chocolate Malt226.8 g2.56
Roasted Barley226.8 g2.56


NameAmountTimeUseFormAlpha %
Hallertauer56.7 g60 minBoilPellet4.8
Hallertauer28.3 g30 minBoilPellet4.8
Hallertauer28.3 g10 minBoilPellet4.8


Whirlfloc Tablet2.00 Items15 minBoilFining


Munich Lager (2308)Wyeast Labs75%8.89°C - 13.33°C


Mash In65.56°C60 min


Primary4 days12.22°C
Secondary10 days12.22°C
Tertiary3 days0°C
Aging30 days15.56°C

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  1. […] that suggests that dimethyl sulfide risks may be overstated to homebrewers. To add to this, In a schwarzbier I brewed a couple months back, I utilized a 60 minute boil, and a grain bill with a high pilsner […]

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