A preview of the new Strangebrew Elsinore

Doug Edey, the creator of Strangebrew Elsinore has been busy overhauling his popular opensource brewery control software. This update, his largest yet, is a complete redesign of the control interface using Bootstrap 4. Last week it finally became ready for initial testing. I must say I’m quite impressed and excited by this work. The interface is much faster than it’s predecessor, and adapts well to mobile and desktop displays. Some program features have been fine tuned, and are all now working great in my testing. I expect this update will propel the program forward in terms of community contributions and popularity amongst electric brewers.

For those unaware, Strangebrew Elsinore is software which runs on the widely available and low cost Raspberry Pi (as well as similar devices) and is able to control brewery operations through general purpose input/outputs (GPIOs). Specifically these GPIOs can be configured to switch pumps, motors, and lights on and off, as well as perform high precision temperature control with electric elements. It has numerous other features such as pH sensing, volume measurement, process “triggers”, and beerXML support. If you are an electric brewer, or considering the move to electric brewing, join us over at the Strangebrew Elsinore subreddit for more discussion.


SBE preview

A preview of the new control interface – in this screenshot I’m fermenting a lager in my conical fermentor with Strangebrew Elsinore’s hysteresis temperature control algorithm.

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